Transfer of the Fifth: How It Works and Calculation Installment

Would you like more information on the transfer of the fifth Social Institute? Thanks to this article we have prepared for you have the chance to have them. Read everything to the end, any doubt will be clarified.

What is the assignment of the fifth Social Institute

What is the assignment of the fifth Social Institute

The sale of the fifth is a type of financing aimed at retirees, thanks to this product you have the opportunity to take advantage of special conditions. This will also allow you to pay your installments on your pension.

In fact, the Social Institute will proceed to proceed in the following way: it will retain a sum of money, and then pay it to the credit institution that granted the loan.



Social Institute assignment of the fifth: the maximum transferable value is one fifth of the pension. The maximum reimbursable value to the financial institution or bank is 20% of the total value of the pension.

Surely you’ll be asking the question: should the sale of the fifth be? We can tell you yes because for this product the applicant will not have to worry about anything, it will be the Social Institute to proceed with the practice and to manage every aspect.

To whom the Social Institute loan is addressed

To whom the Social Institute loan is addressed

The funding for Social Institute pensioners is characterized by particular economic conditions.

A particular feature is precisely the maximum age to be able to apply for funding, which is 85 or maximum 90 years.

In order to be able to access the sale of the fifth Social Institute, it is necessary to be registered in the Autonomous Unit Management. This registration allows you to check your position at Social Institute and to read all the communications concerning your pension.

How the sale of the fifth Social Institute works

How the sale of the fifth Social Institute works

First of all, the loan application must be made to the bank and to the financial company. After preparing the file, Social Institute will pay for the amounts relating to the return of the loan to the provider.

As previously stated, the customer will be kept the amount of the installment directly from the pension.

The loan contract for the Cession of the Fifth Social Institute can have a maximum duration of ten years and you will inevitably have to take out an insurance to cover the loan, so that in the future there will be no problem of collecting on the heirs.

Since insurance is mandatory, its cost and any interest rates to be paid must be taken into account. The amount to be recognized for insurance may vary according to the age of the applicant, the higher the age the higher the cost of insurance will be.

How to calculate the installment

How to calculate the installment

Calculation of the fifth Social Institute assignment: making the calculation of the transfer of the fifth is very easy, thanks to the tables prepared and made available by Social Institute.

Follow the directions and with a few simple steps you will quickly understand how much to request, the time for repayment and the value that Social Institute will deduct monthly from the pension.

Please note that you can give as a maximum value a fifth of your pension, so the installment will vary depending on the amount returned monthly by Social Institute.

The calculation of the transferable amount is to be made on the net or without the tax and social security deductions, This will allow the customer not to affect the minimum guaranteed by law.

Do you have a minimum pension? In this case it will not be possible to use the assignment of the fifth. Unlike in the case where the user received more pensions, the calculation of the installment will be made by adding the different pensions and then calculating one fifth of the total.

Example calculation of installment of the fifth of the pension (Transferable Share)

Example calculation of installment of the fifth of the pension (Transferable Share)

gross pension 596.50
withholding taxes 0.00
net pension 596.50
minimum pension 502.39
transferable quota 94,11
* with safeguard of the minimum pension (€ 502.39 for the year 2015), lower in this case the amount of the fifth = 119.30


gross pension 1,200.00
withholding taxes 300.00
net pension 900.00
1/5 of the net 180.00
transferable quota 180.00
* with safeguard of the minimum pension (502.39 for the year 2015).

The amount to be paid, as shown in the attached table, is equal to 20% of the maximum pension. This is not the only aspect that can vary, in fact it also counts the age, fundamental to establish the number of installments, this then will have to be compared to the feasibility with the fifth. A solution that can however be considered is the renewal of the loan.

To conclude, to simplify, one can refer to a generic loan request.

Calculation of the installment of the fifth installment Social Institute Ex: € 20,000, the value to be given back will be € 27,864. The number of monthly installments will be 120, and the value will correspond to 232.20 euros, the interests correspond to 4% the Tan and 7.23% the Taeg.

The total cost of the credit received is 9,693.32 euros.

The final value is obtained from the sum of the different elements. Interest is equal to 4,929.36 euros, brokerage commissions are 278.64 euros, while lenders’ fees are equal to 557.28 euros.

These values ​​must be added

  • 600 euros for the preliminary investigation commissions
  • € 306.50 as activation fees
  • € 1,175.95 for management fees
  • 16 euros for the expenses envisaged by the tax authorities.

What we have just done is an example of a generic calculation, to help you understand the calculation mechanism. From the above data you will be able to understand how to calculate the loan and its return.

Pensions not allowed

Pensions not allowed

Even if you are a pensioner, it is said that you can take advantage of these advantages of the sale of the fifth Social Institute.

In fact you will not be able to access in the following cases:

  • Feel pensions or social checks
  • You are a holder of civil disability
  • You are beneficiary of monthly checks dedicated to the assistance of pensioners for incapacity
  • If you receive checks to support income, such as Vocred, Vocoop and Voeso
  • You have the right to receive checks for the family unit
  • You have a pension with co-ownership, or you can have one fifth of a single pension
  • receive exodus benefits, with reference to the former article 4, paragraphs 1 to 7 – ter, of Law no. 92/2012.

Request for the fifth Social Institute Online sale

Request for the fifth Social Institute Online sale

An easy and fast methodology is certainly to make the request through the website. Online you will have the opportunity to check the list of banks that have an agreement with Social Institute for the sale of the fifth.

Comfortably from home with simple clicks you can view the directions and the way to send the application for funding directly to the competent office.

The official in charge of handling the file will receive the documentation received directly from his / her computer and proceed with the examination of the request and then proceed with the necessary steps.

The loan applicant will not have to justify the loan request either on the forms or on the employees who will handle the request.

To proceed with the practice, the requesting pensioner must deliver to the Social Institute offices, the bank or the financial company, the transferability notice, or the transferable quota, which is the maximum installment amount.

The presentation of the online application can be made not only to the social security institution, but also to banks and financial companies that have an agreement with Social Institute.

Since the document is to be submitted to the loan provider, the user can make the request online directly, so the affiliated institution can interface with Social Institute.

The necessary documentation

After choosing the bank to apply for the loan, the next step will be to prepare the documentation:

  • The pension bill
  • The Cud model
  • The identity document

This documentation will serve to demonstrate that the applicant is the owner of a pension, this will depend on the value paid by Social Institute.

No other signatures are required other than the applicant’s, as the guarantee is the pension treatment. We want to underline that the assignment of the fifth Social Institute there is no problem to deliver the desired amount to those who have been protested or those who have had delays in payments.

The Social Institute guarantee is a benefit for the pensioner and for the bank or finance company.