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The graphics, ideas, and suggestions displayed here have been designed to be used by any Tea Party, or affiliated group, to further our movement.  All of these ideas, phrases, graphics, and images may be used by anyone, for any purpose, all or in part, without restriction or permission, with the exception of the “US Tea Party United” seal. Nothing is copyrighted, except the “US Tea Party United” seal, and all have been created by Karen Steelmon.

To save space, these images have been saved using small .jpg formats.  The original .png files are available by emailing



Tri fold pamhlet cover. This example shows the Rio Linda Tea Party logo, with the “US Tea Party United” seal. Patriotic verbiage on the periphery. Contact info on the bottom and top. Each “host” Tea Party would put their own logo in the center.
Tri fold pamphlet interior. Explains the general idea as to what and whom the Tea Party is, with activity and involvement suggestions. With contact info. One option is to place the logo’s of all the affiliated organizations on the periphery, minding “inclusion/exclusion” issues.



These  2.5′ X 5′  printed vinyl display banners are designed to be displayed vertically at event booths.  The messages are taken directly off the pamphlet.
Two versions of a  3′ X 8′  event display banner, with contact info. “Hosting” Tea Party places their logo in the center of the teapot on the top banner, and aside the teapot on the bottom banner.  Option:  Affiliated organizations logo’s around the periphery, using magnets or stickers.

The logo of the Las Vegas Tea Party showing the “Tea Party Untied” seal. Using this theme, with each Tea Party placing it’s logo in the center of the teapot, or just the blue star background with the USTPU seal, is a powerful message of unity.  A different colored pot is an option.  This can be used on T-shirts, yard signs, business cards, pamphlets, flyers, stickers, pins, etc. 


An alternative to T-shirts, is a lanyard/badge. This example shows a plastic badge holder with a blue background, the “Tea Party United” seal printed on top, and the “Tea Party West” logo insterted in the pouch.
Float plan, top view, and side view with notes. This idea revolves around the concept of having several groups participate in the “float” with the “host” Tea Party.  Announcers will speak in short intervals on different issues, on a platform with a teapot; conveying the mental and visual expression of what the Tea Party is, and that we are united. The sides are printed vinyl banners made to look like the charicature of the sides of a ship, with contact information printed along the top front.